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WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO 1.2.1

Email Customizer PRO 插件允许完全定制你的WooCommerce电子邮件。现在它已成为更容易定制的电子邮件(页眉、页脚的格式组成,添加自定义链接、改变和定制颜色)仅用已知的WordPress定制界面通过简码。因此,作为一个Web开发人员不再是一个条件,能够调整这些变化。此外,你还可以添加您自己的自定义CSS。

Email Customizer PRO Plugin permits full customization of your WooCommerce emails. It has now become easier to customize the components of the email (header, footer formats, adding custom links, changing and customizing colors) with only using the already known WordPress Customizer interface through shortcodes. So being a web developer is no longer a condition to be able to adjust those changes. Moreover, you can even add your own custom css.


WooCommerce Email Customizer PRO Features

  • Customizing of the the styling, colors, header & footer format, add custom links, link to your social networks, and even customize what the email says.
  • Tailor what your customer reads and sees, before you send it – helping your operation to look and sound as solid as it is.
  • Developers who can now also easily preview changes as they develop, modify or enhance custom email template files.
  • Shop Managers who want to preview & send/resend emails (New Order, Invoice, etc) right from the plugin option page.